Majestic rocks and a roaring sea with strong swells bring about the wild beauty of this large-scale seascape. The stormy sea creates huge waves with whitecaps. The water breaks on the rocks and on the cliff and is tossed back and forth with tremendous force. The colours of the sea go from blue to green to white in all variations. In the center and on the right edge of the picture, the rough, angular rocks and the cliff dominate. The spray mixes with the colours of the sky on the left side of the painting, while the stormy sky on the right fades into an evening glow. There is a lot of light over the whole scene, despite the prevailing storm, which makes the colours of the sea shine. In addition, the work creates a strong, positive energy through the dynamic depiction as well as the application of paint with a palette knife. This power radiates and one is drawn into its spell. Details on the condition of the works and further photos on request.

Impressive seascape