A thunderstorm often creates spectacular and impressive light scenery through dark clouds and breaking sunlight. The contrasts are intensified and the colours more intense. Sunrises and sunsets by the sea also produce imposing and powerful hues. The harbour scene from Chioggia under a stormy sky appears very colour-intensive due to the strong dark blue-grey tones of the sky and the harbour water as well as the orange tones in the sails of the ships, the red that recurs everywhere and the green of the fishing boat anchored in the foreground. The people depicted, the play of shadows on the buildings and the white laundry hung out to dry reinforce the lively, intense atmosphere. In contrast, the coastal scene makes an almost playful and light impression. The light of the orange sun shining through the clouds creates multiple light reflections and the spray creates magical water formations for brief moments. The green tones of the sea on one side and the dark blue tones of the water on the other side of the artwork intensify the impression created by this natural spectacle. Details on the condition of the works and further photos on request.

Lighting effects on the coast and harbour